At the time, I was CEO of the company I had co-founded when I first engaged Lameer Group. We had a problem. Despite brisk sales and manageable growth we seemed to be constantly treading water financially.  Lameer Group conducted an assessment to identify areas for improvement.  Among their findings, they identified several contracts with suppliers that were not competitive. They helped us effectively bargain with this vendor by coaching our executives in negotiation tactics.  We were able to dramatically boost our margins and were operating in the black in no time.  Our investment in Lameer Group paid for itself several times over.

Angelo Chiu, Former CEO Clavechina International


I was impressed with the consultant’s ability to interact with C-level people with ease, then shift gears and facilitate a planning session with the engineers. I haven't worked with many people who had the ability to work well with individuals across the whole organization and get things done.

Jack Korabelnikov, Client Director of Software Development


I first worked with Lameer Group as a lead IT Operations technical architect for a major online brand.  We had a project unexpectedly land on our plate with a tight deadline and high visibility.  Failure wasn’t an option; but we were short-handed in the project management department.  We called in Lameer Group to drive the engagement.  They got the job done and allowed us to stay focused on our core objectives.  I’d definitely work with them again.

Marc Latour, Technical Architect