Company Services

Above all, Lameer Group is in the business of solutions. As a boutique consultancy, we operate at the local, micro-scale to devise unique solutions for every engagement. Operating locally also enables us to develop superior client relationships. We work with you personally at every level to not only address each facet of your project, but also to inspire faith in our team and their work.


To that end, Lameer Group specializes in services that scale organizational effectiveness to your specifications:


Project | Program Management

We work with you to strategize long- and short- tearm initiatives with fluid entry points and sus tainable impact.


Software Development

We collaborate with you to develop proprietary software that directly targets your business, management, and database goals.


Training Development and Delivery

We survey your departments to generate training platforms that seamlessly integrate new methodologies with existing practice.


Software Vendor Selection

Soaftware is the cornerstone of your digital initiatives. We help you identify and articulate your requirements at every level to evaluate vendors and select the program of best fit.


Availability Risk | Management

We audit your software and hardware infrastructures to assess risk—coordinating platforms, augmenting communication bandwidth, and implementing durable recovery processes as needed.